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Since its establishment in more than 30 years ago, ICT has been committed to fusing R&D capabilities in the mechanism design, hardware design, software design, design verification and system integration. The enormous investments in the leading technologies and equipments have been made to manufacture the innovative products in high quality, which meet our customers’ requirements. 


The strong and outstanding R&D team has endowed ICT powers to upgrade its original capacities in R&D, design and manufacture. The goal of ICT’s R&D team is to integrate the expertise with advanced equipments and improve the design ability so that we can provide innovative and forward-looking high-quality products to meet the market demands.


Prominent R&D Talents


More than 35% of our employees are R&D technicians with excellent education background and experiences, as well as expertise and competence. The prominent R&D team not only connects the leading technologies with the dynamic market, but also grasps the future trends completely to develop products with great quality, which suit the customers’ needs best.


Excellent Results of our R&D Team


ICT’s well-experienced R&D team has passed many globally renowned certifications, such as ISO, UL, CE, RoHS, and TUV. These have helped our products meet the strict American and European regulations. Hundreds of patents from various countries have been granted as well. Our fruitful R&D results demonstrate ICT’s continuous diligence in developing and researching the advanced technologies, which has achieved our unparalleled capability in product innovation and corporate competitiveness. Thus, ICT’s position in the R&D field of banknote acceptance and counterfeit identification system has been strongly built and become invincible.