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ICT provides varieties of high-quality, integrated consumer-end products to fit the needs of different amusement industries, such as anti-counterfeit bill recognition systems, coin acceptors, card dispensers, note dispensers and hoppers.

icon_b_w Bill Acceptors

Equipped with strong counterfeit recognition ability, anti-stringing and anti-fishing technologies, ICT Bill Acceptors provide faster acceptance speed and a higher acceptance rate.

A / V Series E Series L Series NK Series
A / V Series E_Series L_Series NK_Series
P Series S Series Lockable Stacker Series  
P_Series S_Series TAO_Series  


icon_b_w Coin Acceptors

ICT Coin Acceptors feature advanced coin validating technologies so that can highly reduce the chance of receiving counterfeit coins.

UCA Series      

icon_b_w Card Dispensers

With large card capacity and outstanding reliability and durability, the Card Dispenser enhances the ability of providing a fast and steady card dispensing time.


icon_b_w Mini Thermal Printers

With advanced printing technology, the reliable, durable and easy to maintain ICT Mini Thermal Printers offer high speed and superior printing quality.

GP-58CA GP-58CR GP-58 III GP83
gp-58ca gp-58cr gp58iii GP83

icon_b_w Note Dispensers

ICT Note Dispensers offer the most valuable and secure note dispensing solution. With the better efficiency and flexibility of note transaction, ICT Note Dispensers are definitely your best choice.

ND-300KM ND-300CM    
ND-300KM ND-300KM    

icon_b_w Hoppers

The Hoppers are single denomination coin dispensing devices. The coin dimensions can be adjusted to accept different coins. The Hoppers are designed for easy-operating, trouble-free and a high reliability.

Mini Hopper Super Mini Hopper JMH  
Mini_Hopper Super_Mini_Hopper JMH