New USB Driver IC



Title: New USB driver IC.
Model: PA7, TAO-1, LX7, NBA, V77E
Control Number: FAE_2021071501 Date: 2021/07/15

Technical announcement:

Dear Valuable Customers:
Due to our supplier is updating their USB driver IC, ICT has fully implemented our bill validators with new USB driver IC PA7, TAO-A/V, LX7, NBA and V77E to support our customers in a long-lasting manner.
ICT has fully updated our bill validators and the productions after Feb. 2021 will come with new USB driver IC for the 5 models of ICT validators, start from PA7 first then to the rest 4 models successively. In meantime please start updating your machine when you want to operate our bill validator via USB harness WEL-RU1180 (A USB A to B harness). We will provide you the new driver in the attached link and SOP to allow our customers to update their gaming machine (we use a Banilla machine as sample) this driver will support new and old ICT validators PA7, TAO-A/V, LX7, NBA and V77E.
Moreover, for the customer or users who are using WEL-RV706 harness on their gaming machine they don’t need to make any changes and thank you for the support on our products.

New USB Driver link:
Update newer USB driver SOP link:

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