SP1-VR(S)/ SP1-VL(S) is suitable for installation on vending machines that need to print electronic
invoices after the transaction is completed. The printer has an enhanced reliability and robust design. SP1-VR(S)/ SP1-VL(S) Printer equipped with an advanced micro processor which is fully compatible with RS232 interface to fulfill market requirement. The USB port supports firmware upgrade via USB flash drive, so user can download firmware easily.
Connect ICT DAB box, SP1-VR/ SP1-VL can print invoices, and SP1-VRS/ SP1-VLS has a scanner that can scan mobile phone carriers.

Through ICT RAB, the printer can be connected to the Internet, Configure the following settings for
electronic invoices through the “e-invoice service center” :
  1. Configurable print formats
  2. Get the invoice number
  3. Query invoice transaction records & transaction report statistics
  4. Printer message notification
  5. Update printer firmware online

  • Connect ICT DAB box, SP1-VR(S)/VL(S) printer can print invoices & scan mobile phone carriers
  • Quick, Easy Settings & Upgrade via USB Pen-drive
  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance
  • Configurable print formats
  • Low-paper Alarm Indicator